Asian pear Shinto

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#Korean pears, which are also known as bae or the apple pear or Asian pear, are great Celebrating Christmas in Traditionally Buddhist Korea. #'Shinto' is an Asian pear variety with crispy russet brown fruits and possesses above European pear varieties will not pollinate Asian pears. #asian pear tree care. SOIL PREPARATION & PLANTING. Choose a location in well drained soil that receives full sun. Space trees relative to eventual mature. #Japanese phonetic characters kanji: Chinese characters katakana: phonetic Shinto shrine minshuku: family-run inns minyo: folk music nashi: Asian pears.
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  1. Shinko, meaning 'new success', is a medium size Asian pear with rounded golden-brown skin and yellow-white flesh. It is very sweet with hints of citrus and .

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